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Tips and Tools for an Extraordinary Relationship

Ever wondered what dating or relationship coaching could do for you? Here's what some clients have to say:

"Dr. Jenn, your articles are a great source of information for single people to be learning healthy relationship skills from. When I met you, I said, “What could you possibly offer me since I’ve been dating as long as you’ve been alive!” But now I am definitely glad I let you talk me into giving you my card. You are truly exceptional at what you do." - Bill

"When I listen to you speak, light bulb, after light bulb goes off in my head!" - Tina

"I very much enjoyed the book club meeting last week. I left with a nice sense of community and thoughts. I think you did a great job of facilitating the discussion and thank you for the wonderful outline. I look forward to the next meeting." - Patti

"This work has been truly transformative!"

"I wish I had this information before I married my husband! Then maybe I wouldn't be divorced!"

"I am so impressed with your insights and with your ability to share them in a constructive, non-threatening way. I love working with you on a personal level and your presentations to SNCW Singles Social Club have been among our very best programs." - Harriet

"You know, the more I get into this dating thing, the more I realize I don't have any idea how to do it. I'm so thankful for you! Thank you for your words of wisdom."

"Your engaging personality shines through all that you do!"

"If you get to learn about dating and choosing a partner from Dr. prepared to have it change your life.......Now I am dating and I know what I am looking for.....and perhaps more importantly what I am not looking for....she's a great teacher...I highly recommend her to you." - Maggie

"Thank you Dr. Jenn. This is the most useful information I think I have ever read about dating and paying attention to the important stuff." - Mary

"The content of Dr. Oikle's presentations, workshops, and materials have significantly raised my level of awareness regarding myself and my relationships. After reading countless books and attending numerous seminars, I thought I had heard it all. It wasn't until I attended Dr. Oikle's presentation on "Attraction Traps" that I realized how much more there was to learn about ourselves, our choices, and our potential for effective partnerships! I've been applying many of her suggestions ever since. If you're single, you've need this information! I found it to be refreshing, empowering, and very accurate." - Marta

"You are doing an incredible service for people. Personally, I think you are gifted and your message needs to reach more people. I greatly appreciate you sharing your expertise and wisdom with me. I appreciate your integrity, compassion, and sound advice." - Shekeyna

"Every single NEEDS this information."

"Thank you for another Ah-Ha! experience!"

“I was really impressed with the feedback you gave me on the Relationship Readiness Inventory. It was very insightful and it helped me make a connection that I hadn’t really seen before!” - Terry

"Your work with us on the "knowledge" piece during the Jerk(ette) program was so enlightening. Thank you for your very good work. I feel a lot of gratitude for your very wonderful presentations." - Maggie

It's been very good counsel. I feel very blessed for having received it."

"The last book club discussion we had was very interesting - Jennifer's a great group organizer with amazing insights about relationships, and the book was a good choice." - Diane

"Thank you for being so real"

"Wow, you were really good tonight! The Date Smart call had a great topic. Great knowledge of the subject, flowed quickly and an hour seemed like 20 minutes. I'm impressed." - Bill

About the Inventory..."I sort of knew this about myself, but I never really pulled it all together in one place like this. It's an eye opener. I can really see where I've made the same mistakes and what I can do to change it now. Thank you for having such a powerful impact on me." - Ann

"You just light up the room. You went up there- and you just turned on. You were so dynamic!"

"Thank you very much for your very thoughtful response. I really appreciate that you really took the time to listen and that you really responded with deep answers."

"Thank you so much for emailing me the Relationship Readiness Inventory. I have started filling out the Inventory and …already, it has been cathartic to be honest with myself as I answer the questions. You put a lot of thought and detail into the Inventory." - Shekenya

"Thanks so much for the feedback! You seem to have great insight and take in the whole picture well"

"I'm gonna teach my kids this stuff!"

"I love your enthusiasm!"

Dr. Jenn can help you create the love you deserve! Call or email today for your free 20 minute consultation to learn how dating and relationship coaching can help you fill your life with love!