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Learn more about your relationship style, whether you are single or in a relationship.

Both singles and couples can take an Attachment Style Quiz to see if your relating style may put you at risk for relationship trouble.

Attachment Style Quiz
Below are four general relationship styles that people often report.
Place a checkmark next to the style that best describes you or is closest to the way you are.

____ A. It is easy for me to become emotionally close to others. I am comfortable depending on them and having them depend on me. I don’t worry about being alone or having others not accept me.

____ B. I am uncomfortable getting close to others. I want emotionally close relationships, but I find it difficult to trust others completely, or to depend on them. I worry that I will be hurt if I allow myself to become too close to others.

____ C. I want to be completely emotionally intimate with others, but I often find that others are reluctant to get as close as I would like. I am uncomfortable being without close relationships, but I sometimes worry that others don’t value me as much as I value them.

____ D. I am comfortable without close emotional relationships. It is very important to me to feel independent and self-sufficient, and I prefer not to depend on others or have others depend on me.

This questionnaire assess attachment style. If you chose A, you have secure attachment and likely have successful relationships. If you chose B, C, or D, you tend to have one of three types of insecure attachment, which puts you at risk for relationship difficulty. If you would like to learn more about anxious attachment or insecure love, check out the Reading List. The section “Books on Unhealthy Relationships” has several informative books on this topic, many of which refer to the concept as "love addiction".

If insecure love is a problem for you, Coupling Connection can help you break out of the pattern and build a more satisfying, loving relationship. See Services for more information.