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So- you're serious about making your love last a lifetime? Then you'll want to know that research has shown that couples who engage in pre-martial and marital education programs have a higher likelihood of staying happily together than couples who don't!

By investing in your relationship now- you can feel good knowing that you are protecting your love for the future.


Menu of Start Smart Services

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The First Dance Workshop- A group workshop giving you the skills to handle the stress and conflict that often go hand in hand with planning a wedding.

Wedding Conflict Coaching- Sometimes trying to make everyone happy is a headache. Take the pain out of planning with one on one coaching.


Start Smart Success Inventory- For every couple serious about making their love last- learn your strengths and weaknesses to bullet proof your love.

Start Smart 4 Session Coaching Package- Complete the Inventory as the first session, then have 3, 45-minute sessions to sharpen your skills in making your love shine.

Start Smart Coaching- Personalized coaching options to help you make the most of your love!


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