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Start Smart Success Inventory

For every couple serious about making their love last! By taking a close look at your relationship- you'll learn how to build on your strengths and identify areas in need of improvement in order to bullet proof your love.

Based on John Gottman's leading martial research about what makes for successful, happy marriages- this assessment will take a look at the five levels of your relationship to determine if the foundations of your partnership are built rock solid, or if they need a little work. When your foundations are secure- you can build a lifetime of love.

The Inventory will also examine some of your family and relationship history to illuminate patterns that you wish to continue and habits you'll want to transform.

With insight from the past and knowledge about the state of your current union, you'll have all the tools you'll need to create the love you deserve. Plus, you'll have a road map to strengthening your partnership which will help you avoid the potholes and detours commonly found in relationships.

How It Works: The Inventory will be emailed to you as a PDF file and you and your partner should print out a copy and fill it out- separately. To get the most accurate results, do not discuss your answers during or after the Inventory. Then mail your Inventories back to me and we'll set up a 1-1.5 hour feedback session, either in person or over the phone.

Investment: Special "Love is In The Air" Spring Special: $99

Start Smart 4 Session Coaching Package

Complete the Inventory as the first session, then have 3, 45-minute sessions to sharpen your skills in making your love shine. Either in person or by phone, we'll work through the areas of concern identified from the Inventory- giving you the necessary tools to overcome current issues and prevent future problems.

Investment: Special "Love is In The Air" Spring Special: $300


Start Smart Personalized Coaching

Personalized coaching options to help you make the most of your love! I'll work with you to identify the issues you'd like to address and we'll devise a plan to keep your love strong. Can be done as an individual or couple, in person or by phone.

Investment: A single 60 minute consultation session: $99

Packages of four sessions are $75 per session ($300 total)


Yes! We want to START SMART!

Email or call for your personal free 20 minute consultation to learn how coaching can help you create a love that lasts a lifetime!

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