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Soulmate Success: 6 Session Coaching Package



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A one-on-one coaching program, this package is specially designed to offer you all of the:

- Insight

- Knowledge

- Skills

You need to get started on the journey to your soulmate.

The power of this program: Maximize your chance of finding your soulmate, while minimizing wasted time, energy, and emotion!

Six, 45-min structured sessions that can be used weekly, bi-weekly, or as you choose. During these sessions, you'll learn all the secrets to a successful soulmate search and get the support you need to start finding your perfect partner.

Package Outline

Session One: Relationship Readiness Inventory

You'll identify the patterns that are keeping you stuck and clarify the characteristics of your perfect partner by completing the Relationship Readiness Inventory. Session one will be your Inventory feedback session. With this insight, we'll plan the perfect strategy to find your soulmate. Learn more about the Inventory here.

Session Two: Law of Attraction

You'll learn about how to harness the powerful law of attraction by setting a personal intention, creating magnetic affirmations, and constructing the cornerstone visualization that will help attract your perfect partner. You'll also gain insight into the limitations and negative self-messages that have been holding you back.

Session Three: Plan of Attack

You'll decide whether to use internet dating or other conventional forms of meeting potential mates. If you chose internet dating, we'll begin construction of a profile that will get you the attention you deserve. If you choose to forgo internet dating, we'll use online calendars to select the places and activities you'll attend to get in the dating game. Tips and ideas of how to make the most of both.

Session Four: The Revolutionary Success Strategy

You'll learn a life-altering new perspective - The Broken Road- that will change the way you view dating forever. Plus, start practicing a tool- the Gratitude Lesson book- which will help you implement your new perspective.This session will give you crucial skills to counteract the disappointment that causes many singles to give up their search before they find The One!

Session Five: My Perfect Partner Profile

You'll identify the qualities, attributes, attitudes, and traits that you require in a soulmate. Plus, create your "RULES": your deal breakers in a partner. By being very clear about what you need in a partner, you'll be much more likely to attract them, recognize them when they show up, and pass on folks who would be "Settling."

Session Six: Your Dating Guidelines

You'll learn about a critical model of how to build a relationship safely so that you minimize broken hearts. Plus, learn two crucial rules to live by which will help you know whether each new partner is the one for you. This info will change the way you date forever!

Have a single friend that's on the same soulmate journey?
Enroll together in the Soulmate Solution Buddy Coaching Package- get similar benefits as this program, but in a buddy coaching format that increases the likelihood that you'll reach your goal!! Plus, save $100!

Your Investment

Ready to make 2007 the year you find your soulmate?

The Soulmate Success package costs $500 (that's $75 per session, and $125 for Inventory) which includes a discount on the Relationship Readiness Inventory. Can be paid by check or credit card online via PayPal and can be split into two payments.

Note: Coupling Connection is dedicated to helping everyone who is serious about finding true love. Thus, we sometimes offer reduced fee services to highly motivated clients with lower income. Please inquire if needed.

Email for more info and a free 20-minute consultation to see if this package is right for you!