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Want a fun and economical way to boost the skills and knowledge required to create your ideal relationship?

Coupling Connection has several presentations that no single serious about finding the perfect partner should miss! Click on a workshop below to learn more.

What singles are saying about Dr. Jenn's presentations:

"When I listen to you speak,
light bulb, after light bulb goes off in my head!" - Tina

"Your presentations to SNCW Singles Social Club have been
among our very best programs." - Harriet

"The content of Dr. Oikle's presentations, workshops, and materials
have significantly raised my level of awareness regarding myself and my relationships. After reading countless books and attending numerous seminars, I thought I had heard it all. It wasn't until I attended
Dr. Oikle's presentation on "Attraction Traps" that I realized how much more there was to learn about ourselves, our choices, and our potential
for effective partnerships! I've been applying many of her suggestions
ever since. If you're single, you've need this information!
I found it to be refreshing, empowering, and very accurate." - Marta

"Thank you for your very good work. I feel a lot of gratitude for
your very wonderful presentations." - Maggie

"You just light up the room. You went up there-
and you just turned on. You were so dynamic!"

"I'm gonna teach my kids this stuff!"

Click on a program below to learn more:

Soulmate or Stalemate?: 6 Steps to Finding Your Perfect Partner- see upcoming dates!

How To Avoid Dating and Marrying a Jerk(ette)

Sensational Singles: Creating More Happiness Than you Can Handle

Crafting the STAND OUT Internet Dating Profile: Getting the Attention You Deserve

Finding Love Along the Broken Road: A Revolutionary Approach to Dating

Special E courses!!! Learn From Home At Your Pace!


Soulmate or Stalemate?: 6 Steps to Finding

Your Perfect Partner

Tired of wasting time in painful relationships? Fed up with feeling hurt, rejected, or lonely? Know you deserve better but just can't seem to move on? Find yourself repeating the same relationship mistakes over and over again?

You are not alone! Come learn about the early warning signs of an unrewarding partnership. Once you learn to spot these signals, you'll get smarter about making good partner choices.

In addition, discover the two major reasons people get stuck in dissatisfying relationships:

  • Intermittent Reinforcement- The Super Glue of the Universe!
  • Love Maps: The Powerful Repetition Compulsion

Armed with this insight, learn 6 critical steps to avoid getting sucked into negative patterns and become empowered to find the partner you deserve!

If you've had more than your fair share of hurt, disappointment, and disillusionment while dating, this is the workshop for you. Don't give up on finding your perfect partner!

Top 4 Benefits of Taking This Workshop:

- You'll be able to spot harmful dating patterns and change them

- You' ll know what behaviors are red flags in a new relationship

- You'll be clear about what you are looking for in a partner

- You'll make smarter relationship choices that will help you create your ideal relationship.

Hosted by Colorado Free University.

Upcoming Dates:

June and Sept 2007

To learn more or enroll, see the CFU website:


How to Avoid Marrying a Jerk(ette)!:(for guys too!)

"The way to follow your heart without losing your mind"

Picking the right partner may be the single most important predictor for long-term relationship success. In this workshop, you'll learn everything you need to pick the best partner for you! Plus, you'll learn how to grow your relationship so that it will be a happy, healthy union that lasts. This is information NO savvy single should be without!!

Learn more here: Jerk class


Sensational Singles: How to Maximize Your Happiness and

Create the Life That You Desire

Ever wish you could find more happiness as a single person, while you work on finding the love of your life? You don't have to be happily coupled to be satisfied and fulfilled. In this workshop, you'll learn the 8 benefits of happiness, the nine choices you can make to lead a more joyful life, and three tools to help you get there. Empower yourself to create more happiness today!


Crafting the STAND OUT Internet Dating Profile:

Getting the Attention You Deserve

New to Internet dating and not sure how to get started? Been using Internet dating but not getting the response you deserve? Join us for a look at the most common profile mistakes and learn how to craft a profile that will get you noticed!

Ah, the power of words...with the right ones, you open up a world of possibilities and draw interesting, attractive prospects. With the wrong ones, you'll send people running for the hills even if you are Ms./Ms Wonderful. Or worse yet, you'll be attracting the wrong type of responses. This class will review plenty of real life examples of stand out profiles as well as red flag alerts. Don't fall prey to profile mistakes!

Bonuses! All participants receive a handout to help you get started writing a terrific profile. In addition, all who attend get a FREE Red Flag Profile assessment- make sure your profile doesn't contain any of the lethal errors! All participants are also entitled to a 15% discount on future profile editing or creation services!

Read my article about profile mistakes!


Finding Love Along the Broken Road:

A Revolutionary Approach to Dating

Single again? Feeling like you’ll never find love? Frustration and discouragement are high on the list of single’s complaints. Come learn a revolutionary approach to dating that will end your frustration, making your dating journey into a successful adventure! Plus, discover the three keys to avoiding the biggest dating mistakes that stand between you and finding The One.

If you are serious about creating the loving relationship you deserve, this is information you cannot afford to miss!



Several Coupling Connection Courses are also offered as an E-COURSE- At your finger tips!

These classes are available to you anytime, anywhere. When taking a workshop as an email course, you will be emailed a lesson to read, with an accompanying exercise to complete. You read the lesson at whatever time is convenient for you, complete the exercise, and email the assignment back for feedback. Once you complete an exercise, the next lesson is emailed to you, and the process repeats.

You can participate from anywhere, at your own pace, AND get additional personalized feedback not available in the group format!

- Soulmate or Stalemate?: 6 Steps to Finding Your Perfect Partner

6 lessons and assignments, followed by a 1/2 hour coaching call. Cost: $55

- Finding Love Along the Broken Road: A Revolutionary Approach to Dating

6 lessons and assignments, followed by a 1/2 hour coaching call. Cost: $55

Bonus Package: Get the most out of a course by completing it along with the Relationship Readiness Inventory and receive a 25% discount on the Inventory.

Bonus Package Cost: $95

Email for more information or for a course outline.


Interested in enrolling in an workshop? Email for information on upcoming dates or to receive a course outline.

If you don't see an upcoming date available, please email. Dr. Jenn can host a small group at your home or location at an affordable cost! Plus, Dr. Jenn is available to present these workshops to community groups. Email or call for more info.

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