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Wondering how to find your soulmate? Then dating coaching is the smartest, most effective way to get there! There are three options to help you pick the right program for you.

Not sure if dating coaching is right for you? Learn more about what to expect from coaching sessions and see some examples about how coaching works here.

The Soulmate Revolution 2007

Providing the Missing Link Between Single and Soulmates

Dating Coaching Programs


What people are saying about coaching with Dr. Jenn:

"You know, the more I get into this dating thing, the more I realize I don't have any idea how to do it. I'm so thankful for you!
Thank you for your words of wisdom."

"If you get to learn about dating and choosing a partner from Dr. prepared to have it change your life.......Now I am dating and I know what I am looking for.....and perhaps more importantly what I am not looking for....she's a great teacher...
I highly recommend her to you." - Maggie

"You are doing an incredible service for people. Personally, I think you are gifted and your message needs to reach more people. I greatly appreciate you sharing your expertise and wisdom with me. I appreciate your integrity, compassion, and sound advice." - Shekeyna

"Thank you for another Ah-Ha! experience!"

Soulmate Success: 6 Session Coaching Package

This package is specially designed to offer you all of the knowledge, skills, and insight needed to get you started on the journey to your soulmate. Intended for individuals who prefer a concrete, structured program with a known time frame.

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Soulmate Solutions: 9 Session Buddy Coaching Package

Know how goals have better follow-through when you have a commitment to another person? Think how much more likely you are to go to the gym if you have an exercise buddy. That's the power behind this effective program.

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The Soulmate Journey:
Individualized Dating Coaching Options

Together, we'll design an individualized program specially tailored to help you create the relationship of your dreams. With three levels of service available so you can choose how much support you need to create the love you imagine!

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Haven't you waited long enough for real love?
Let's get started today!

What people are saying about coaching with Dr. Jenn:

"It's been very good counsel. I feel very blessed for having received it."

"Thanks so much for the feedback! You seem to have great insight and take in the whole picture well."