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Coupling Connection - Dr. Jenn Oikle
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Tips and Tools for an Extraordinary Relationship

At Coupling Connection, we believe that the single most important factor in transforming an ordinary relationship into an Extraordinary one is intention, followed by action.

The POWER of Priorities

Coupling Connection - Dr. Jenn OikleTo lead a successful life, you must make intentional choices guided by what you value, day in and day out. By making your relationship the top priority, you are giving it the best chance to blossom into the lasting and satisfying connection you deserve.

To make your relationship the top priority, it requires intention (or effort) and commitment. One of the best ways for you to exercise both intention and commitment in your relationship is to establish connection-enhancing rituals that strengthen your bond.

A romantic ritual is anything that you and your partner have agreed to engage in on a routine basis that strengthens your connection. Rituals can be big or small. To make something a ritual implies that both partners have expectations that the activity will occur in a similar fashion on a consistent schedule (whether it be daily, weekly, or monthly). Most couples have some type of romantic ritual(s), even if they have not outwardly stated their intention to do so. Some examples include:

  • Kissing goodbye before leaving in the morning
  • Showering together
  • Leaving love notes
  • Weekly dates
  • Eating dinner together and trading stories of the day
  • Flowers every Friday
  • Taking a bike ride after dinner

The possibilities for romantic rituals are endless and each couple chooses unique activites that make them feel loved and connected.

Add a Ritual Today!

Coupling Connection - Dr. Jenn OikleStrive to add one new romantic ritual to your relationship today. Talk to your partner about what would feel good and be meaningful for your relationship. Intentionally commit to engaging in that activity for a trial period. Notice what it feels like to give and receive this ritual.

Need some help getting started? Want some creative ideas? Check out the marriage rituals section on the SmartMarriages website.

Want to learn more about how to make intentional choices that will strengthen your relationship? Read Dr. William Doherty’s keynote address on the SmartMarriages website, or see his book: The Intentional Family.

Have a great ritual you already engage in? Share your favorite rituals by emailing us and we will include them in an upcoming e-newsletter!!