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For most people, life wouldn't be complete without having a family. And certainly, raising children can be one of the most rewarding experiences a couple can share. However, once kids come- two becomes three and the couple relationship changes forever. Many of those changes will be positive, but having children can also be stressful and research shows that once kids arrive, relationship satisfaction drops!

Here's what research has told us about the transition to parenthood:

- During the year after your first child is born, up to 67% of couples will experience a sharp decline in marital happiness. And this decline often continues for several years.

- Marital conflict increases dramatically

- How you parent together affects both your child's well-being and your relationship satisfaction

That's not great news for most of us. But the better news is that research has shown that couples who take part in relationship education programs experience less disruption in their marital satisfaction, are better co-parents, and have more well adjusted kids. In other words, you can protect your love with a little time and effort!

This isn't just important to keep you and your spouse satisfied- but it's absolutely critical to the development of your children!

Research shows that a happy, healthy marital relationship is essential for your child's well being. In fact- a relaxed, loving, and supportive relationship between husband and wife is strongly related to everything you care about for your child's success. Including:

Emotional health and emotional intelligence
Physical health and development
Social skills and peer relationships
Self esteem
Academic achievement

Every parent wants a well-adjusted, happy, healthy child who gets along well with other kids and adults, feels great about himself, knows how to solve problems, copes well with the ups and downs of life, excels at the hobbies and sports that interest them, and is successful in school.

But fewer parents realize that the MOST IMPORTANT KEY to your child's success, now and in the future, is YOUR MARITAL HAPPINESS.

In our kid-centric culture, many parents accidentally fall into the habit of catering almost exclusively to the needs of their children, while letting their own romantic connection wilt from lack of attention. All the nurturance goes to the children- not the marriage. Parents do this because they think that this is what's best for their children.

But as we can see from the above information- by NOT focusing on keeping your marital relationship strong, you actually put your children at RISK for all sorts of issues!!

That's why the best gift you can give your children is a happy marriage!

Yes! We want to be Partners and Parents!

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