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April 25, 2007

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Every other week, we'll be delivering fresh relating tips. Let these quick ideas inspire you to create your ideal relationship! Find smart tips in these three categories:

  • Dating - Ideas on finding and keeping the perfect partner
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  • Relating - Tips on making your connection Extraordinary

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New Relationship Transition Spots: What Two "Can I be me?" Tests Tell You About Your True Compatibility Potential

Part One: Exposing Your "Weak" Side

Ah, the heady bliss of those beginning weeks of a love relationship. You're perfect. He's perfect. Well, maybe not so much, but you sure are working to put your best side far, your flaws have remained hidden.

Then one week, it happens. You have a totally sucky day and you can't hide it. Maybe you don't want to hide it anymore. Good for you. Now is the perfect testing time: how will my new partner handle it when I show my vulnerability and need support?

After all, if you choose to be with this person, they need to be able to accept you through the ups and downs, and you need to accept them. Until you get to this phase- your real comparability hasn't even begun to be tested. And we are often led astray by the more superficial similarities we've seen thus far. But without an ability to accept, tolerate, and support each other's habitual way of coping with emotions- your connection can't and shouldn't last.

So, pay very close attention to your partner's response the first time you let more of your not-so-confident, not-so-happy self hang out.

Let's see an example. A while back I was dating a guy I thought could be "The One." Then a horrible day came when I got some really bad news from my training program that affected my future plans. I was devastated, and really crying. And rightly so, according to me, but not according to my new partner, who promptly said "I can't be with someone who's going to be so negative!"

Hold on a minute, I thought- "Isn't a girl entitled to blow through one box of tissues before having to pull it together? After all, I just got this news today- not three weeks ago." But to him, my display of negative emotion was threatening, so he perceived that as weak, and lost some respect for me. And to me, his judgmental attitude and lack of support was almost as upsetting as the bad news itself.

So what did I learn: A big WHOA! He can't accept ME. We don't have the same beliefs about emotions and how to cope. If you are missing that type of compatibility, can you imagine how impossible it would be to face the everyday world together?

Now fast forward to my fiance and the first time he found me crying in my soup. I had just received some heartbreaking news: I had to give away my injured horse. I was sobbing like a baby, and a bit embarrassed about making this display of emotion- after all- could he accept me the way I am? Know what he said? "Of course you are crying. Anyone would be upset in that situation," then he moved over and held me until I had used up my box of tissues. I felt a huge sigh of relief. Then I felt better and together we faced the problem.

So what did I learn? Here is a man who can accept my negative emotions, who is comfortable with the way I express them, and is willing to support me through them. When you have a partner like that by your side, together you can conquer anything! That's the power of being accepted the way you are- warts and all.

Action Step: After an initial period of being on your "best behavior" don't be afraid to show your vulnerable side and ask for the support you need. Your partner's response will give you a lot of useful information about whether your relationship has the power to stand the test of time.

Relation Tip: If your partner "fails" the initial "test," give them the benefit of the doubt. Sometimes people need to be educated about how to be most helpful when we are upset. We are all different and often there is a learning curve in a new relationship. So, after the emotions have passed, talk to them about what you need from them in moments like that. However, if after several incidents, you are still not getting the acceptance and support you need, DON'T IGNORE this critical information. This is a sign that your previous experiences with emotions, your family histories, your beliefs, and expectations do not mesh well. Without compatibility in this area, a relationship will not succeed. Take a careful inventory and decide if you need to move on.

Next time: Part Two- Moving from Formal Dates to Couple "Me and We" Time

Not sure if your new partner's beliefs about coping and emotions are compatible with yours? A single consultation session may be all you need to break out of the cycle. Email today for more info.



Passion Perks Challenge: Imagine Your Way to Pleasure

Not in the mood but know it would be a good idea to reconnect with your partner physically? Then get started thinking some sexy thoughts! Research shows that the brain responds to thinking about sex almost identically as engaging in sex.

Challenge: Next time you wish you were in the mood- use your imagination to jump start desire by thinking about your favorite steamy scene. It'll heighten your arousal, help get you in the mood, and make the real experience more pleasurable!

Relation Tip: Want to surprise your man when he comes home? Do this exercise before he arrives and win him over with your inner vixen!

Passion is important to the continued vitality of your relationship! That's why Dr. Jenn is available to come to your group (business, church, organization) to give a talk on keeping the passion alive. Email for more info.



Be a Little Selfish!!

Being selfish is usually considered a no-no in relationships. But here's a little twist on it that can really help transform tension into connection!

You KNOW that being angry and resentful towards each other isn't helping anything, but you just can't seem to let go? Here's a strategy to help transform your negative emotions into positive momentum.

Get selfish!

That's right. Your emotional pain isn't a punishment, it's a signal to take corrective action- to make YOURSELF FEEL BETTER!

You can't feel better if all you do is focus on your partner's bad behavior. But you can feel better if you start focusing on YOU. In their new book, Dr.'s Pat Love and Stephen Stosny suggest the following.

*First, look beneath those hot, angry emotions and ask yourself what more vulnerable feeling you are it sad, scared, lonely, rejected?*

Then take responsibility for feeling better by placing your focus on what's best for YOU. To transform anger, the authors suggest you move through acknowledging the following statements:

My emotional well-being is important to me. (i.e. Thus holding onto resentment won't help me)

My emotional well-being is more important than everything I resent. (i.e. You'd rather be happy than right, wouldn't you?)

My emotional well-being is more important than anyone else's bad behavior. (i.e. When you affirm this- you take the power back- you don't let other people's behavior control you)

My relationship is more important than everything I resent and worthy of appreciation, time, energy, effort, and sacrifice. (Since love is so important to my happiness, working on making this relationship *better* is what will help me feel better)

Now that you've gotten selfish- you're clear about what YOU need to feel better: to let go of the anger and move toward connection. Do this putting yourself in your partner's shoes and now asking the first question about your partner: Beneath those hot, angry emotions what more vulnerable feeling are they likely it sad, scared, lonely, rejected?

Now, respond to your partner with compassion for the vulnerability that they are really showing you.

Action Step: When there's anger, hurt, and resentment, someone's got to go first in letting it go. Use this technique to move beyond the angry emotions and reconnect- after all- that's what will make you feel better!

Relation Tip: Read Love and Stosny's How to Improve Your Marriage Without Talking About It for more details!



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