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Coupling Connection - Dr. Jenn OikleDating problems?

Relationship Problems?

Love problems?

Put them in the past!_________________________

Have you been around the relationship block a time or two and still, you aren't getting the love you deserve?

Maybe you're afraid of making the same mistakes you did in the past?

Or you're getting so frustrated and disappointed, you want to give up the search for your soulmate?

The people I work with are determined to do something different the next time around- to get it right. If that describes you, then The Inventory is the quickest way to gaining the insight you need to find your perfect partner.

What others are saying about the Inventory:

"Gosh, it makes so much sense now! That's why I keep doing this. And now I know what I can do differently. Thank you!"

"You know, I sort of knew this deep down, but I was never able to put it all together. The effect is powerful."

Do you know the number one thing standing between you and your soulmate?

With the Inventory- you will find out! Unfortunately, most of us have a history that is holding us back. Unaware of this commanding influence, most of us are doomed to repeated mistakes and failure. But once we understand the patterns of our past, we are no longer imprisoned by it. Instead, the future becomes your choice- with the right knowledge, insight, and skills, you will create the love you deserve.

And importantly, you don't have to spend years in therapy and thousands of dollars to figure this out! By completing the Inventory, you'll receive all of the information you need to break free from the habits that are holding you hostage.

The Inventory is your powerful first step toward the relationship you've dreamed about all of your life.

What is it? The Inventory provides a powerful and in-depth examination of the factors essential to creating a healthy, satisfying relationship, for YOU. Knowledge of these areas is critical if you want to find, create, and sustain your ideal relationship.

Who is it for? The Inventory is for all singles who are serious about creating the love they deserve. It's especially helpful if you have a history of unrewarding relationships. It's also the starting point for all individual coaching, since it is the fastest way for me to get to know you on a deep and personal level.

The Benefits:

  • Finally understand why things haven't worked out for you in the past
  • Learn which different choices can lead you to the relationship you deserve
  • Learn your personal pitfalls in partner selection so you can avoid red flag partners
  • Develop clarity for the characteristics you need in your ideal partner
  • Learn strategies to build the relationship you've waited for
  • Discover how to make the most of your preferred style of relating
  • Leave empowered with a dating plan to jump start your soulmate search

You owe it to yourself to do it differently this time. The result? The relationship you were meant to enjoy for a lifetime.

What others are saying about the Inventory:

"To be honest, it was a bit painful to see my whole situation
reflected back to me so clearly. But it is exactly what I needed.
Now it finally makes sense. It gives me hope because I know what
I need to do from here."

“I was really impressed with the feedback you gave me on the Relationship Readiness Inventory. It was very insightful and it helped me make a connection that I hadn’t really seen before!” - Terry

How it works: The Inventory includes several self-report questionnaires designed to examine the following factors:

  • Family History
  • Relationship History
  • Relationship Style
  • Ideal Partner Preferences

Once you complete the Relationship Readiness Inventory, you will receive a one hour feedback session where the results of the Inventory will be thoroughly discussed. You will also receive a personalized Soulmate Success Plan that outlines the most important keys to your successful soulmate search.

Coupling Connection - Dr. Jenn Oikle

If you are serious about finding your ideal mate, or if you are tired of painful or dead-end relationships, you can't afford NOT to complete the Inventory.

Your Investment: $150 or $125 when combined with other services.

What a deal! The Inventory is so powerful, it's like 4 coaching sessions in one! That's a $200 savings when combined with coaching.

Fast forward to your soulmate by getting started today! Love problems can be a thing of the past. Dating coaching will show you how.

Are you ready for a happy ending? Email to get started.

Still have questions? Set up a complimentary 20 minute phone session to see if the Inventory is right for you! Email for a time.

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