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The Soulmate Search Solution You Never Considered:
The Mind-Body Connection

By Jennifer Oikle, Ph.D.

Something is standing between you and your soulmate. Do you know what it is?


If you’ve been struggling to find your soulmate, you’ve probably tried everything under the sun, including online dating, speed dating, singles events, and maybe even the bar scene. But if your soulmate still hasn’t shown up, there’s a good reason why.

It is the patterns from the past.

When your mind is busy running old tapes from your history- never-ending loops of unworthiness, fear, regret, resentment, loneliness, and hurt- you simply can’t attract your soulmate. You’ll either attract nobody, one painful relationship after another, or a series of “Good enough for now” relationships. Then these disappointing experiences reinforce your negative tapes, making them stronger and louder, creating a cycle that keeps you single.

Many folks recognize these negative habits and reach out to traditional forms of self help to try to break free. Often they’ve read a pile of books on dating and relationships, attended classes, maybe even gone through therapy. But not much really changes, does it?

That’s because traditional forms of self help are trying to remove these obstacles in a very inefficient way. They start with the mind. You try to change your thought patterns. You focus on the positive, you practice affirmations. But all of it feels so hard, like pushing a giant boulder uphill. You make a little progress, you feel a little better, but then you slip back down the hill- the boulder is so darn heavy. Make no mistake about it, you can change this way, but it takes a long time, some serious commitment, and awfully hard work.

Most of us end up muttering, “There must be an easier way!”

Actually there is!

It’s called Following the Wisdom of the Body.

Your body holds the key to understanding your painful emotions and the patterns that are creating them. In fact, your body is host to much wisdom, but most of us are tuned out, engrossed in the chaos of our minds instead.

But when we really stop to listen to our bodies, deep truths can be revealed and healed.

Your body has been trying to speak to you for a very long time. When you learn to listen and work with the insights of your body- you can make breakthroughs in a relatively short amount of time. This is because the learning isn’t just in your head- it is in your heart, in your body. You now know it deeply, because you’ve already experienced it, with every cell of your being. It isn’t something you have to convince yourself of any longer- it becomes a natural part of you. It actually changes your old patterns. It rewrites them for you.

There are many ways to learn to listen to your body. One way is meditation. A newer way is the mind-body method, a technique that helps you access the wisdom of your body. And a very unique way that has recently been developed is emotional healing with horses. This is a profound technique because the horse acts as a powerful conduit to help you more easily access, process, and release your emotions. You don’t need a horse to engage in this process, but the presence of one accelerates healing.

To help you understand the power of the body to illuminate your patterns and offer healing,
let’s listen in on a personal story of mind-body healing with horses:

I stood beside the horse, not knowing what to expect. But I did what I was told- I focused inward to see what part of my body I noticed first. My attention was drawn to my stomach area. My guide inquired, “What sensations do you notice there?” I struggled with this for a moment, not having a name for what I was noticing. Finally, I spoke, “I think what I feel is a void, an empty space, right in the middle of me.”

Suddenly I was curious. I had never noticed a sensation of a void before. Then came my guide’s next question, “Which feeling is associated with this sensation?” I breathed deeply a few times to see if I could tell. Soon, I said, “Sadness, I guess. Feeling alone.”

My guide continued, “If there was a message for you, what would it be?” I closed my eyes and the words came to me quickly, “Fill it,” I voiced with certainty, “Fill it with love.” Suddenly I knew that I was supposed to place my hands over the chest region of the horse, near her heart.

As I stood there with my hands on the horse’s heart space, tears fell from my eyes. Moments later my guide asked, “And what do you notice now?” I focused back in on my stomach and was shocked to notice that the feeling of a void was completely gone. “Gosh,” I said, “the void isn’t there anymore. It feels like it was filled with love.”

I stood in utter amazement thinking, no, knowing, that the horse had filled my empty space with love straight from her heart. It was as if the void had never been. It vanished, and the whole process took maybe 10 minutes.

Later, when I reflected on this powerful experience, it made perfect sense. I’d always been searching for love outside of myself to fill that inner void, even though I didn’t think of it that way. So I wondered, what would be different now that I was filled with love myself, now that I did not need to find love in someone else??

Indeed, what would be different if YOU were filled with love from the inside, if you were convinced of your worth, if you had no doubts that you deserved and were capable of having a beautiful, healthy love. Or a satisfying career, hobby, or relationship with your children for that matter?

What would be different if you listened to your body and let go of the patterns from the past?

You would attract your soulmate. You would remove all of the blocks that keep your soulmate at bay: the self criticism, the unworthiness, the doubts, fears, and frustration which keep you from attracting your life partner.

Now don’t get me wrong. This isn’t an immediate cure for all that ails you. There is still work involved. But it will feel like carrying a small rock up that hill, instead of pushing a 15 ton boulder.

You can have this success when you listen to your body. When you free yourself from the patterns of the past.


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