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Everything I Needed to Know About Dating
I Learned From a Horse

Boost Your Dating Skills, Increase Emotional Intelligence, and Dissolve Blocks
with a 3 session Equine-Assisted, Mind-Body Coaching Program

Are you tired of attracting the wrong type of people?
Are you sick of being on the dating emotional roller coaster- high one minute, low the next?
Are you discouraged about trying to find someone who really “gets” you?
Are you frustrated feeling like something is in the way, but you just don’t know what?

The key to solving all of these issues is Emotional Intelligence.

What Recent Participants with the Horses Have to Say:

Our time spent with the horses has brought on a breakthrough I didn’t think was possible in such a short amount of time.
There really is such a thing as “horse sense.” - Susan

This whole process was simple yet very powerful.
I got to the heart of the matter easily and with superb results.
And I received powerful intuitive guidance and answers.
I highly recommend taking the opportunity to share this sacred,
transformative, healing space with Jennifer
and her loving friends (the horses). - James

Follow along with recent participants at a singles equine assisted workshop here.

In fact, successful dating is all about emotional intelligence.
To attract your soulmate and form a powerful partnership, you need skills!

It’s essential that you:
- Are aware of your emotions
- Handle emotions effectively
- Communicate successfully
- Let go of old blocks

Instead of:
- Ignoring, stuffing, or repressing your emotions
- Reacting to or being controlled by your feelings
- Avoiding conflict, fighting, or trying to please
- Becoming stuck in patterns that hold you back

Regular intelligence is all about head smarts.
Most of us are pretty good with this. In fact, we’re so good at thinking that we get stuck in our heads all the time, working things over and over, without any change.

But emotional intelligence is about combining your head with your heart. And to get to the heart, you must be in tune with your body.

Unfortunately, most of us are dreadfully out of touch with what’s really going on in our hearts and bodies. By doing this, we lose out on some of the most important relationship guidance we could ever receive: Heart Centered Knowledge.

When you start to put together what the heart knows to be true, with what the head knows about reality, you can start making really smart dating decisions that get you to your soulmate more quickly.

Putting the Head and Heart Together = Dating and Relationship Success

But Why Horses?

You don’t even have to like horses!

The horse simply acts as a co-coach in your session, showing you things that were just below the surface, under your awareness.

Horses are the perfect relationship coach because of three amazing abilities they have.

1) Horses are a Perfect Mirror for You.
They reflect back what you are really thinking, feeling, and doing. People always act with the horse, the way they act in life. Horses never lie, or cover up to protect your feelings! Thus, you get a clearer picture of what is getting in your way. With this insight, you get to try out new behaviors in a safe environment.

2) Horses Tune you into Your Body and Heart.
Horses have a vast energy system that helps to draw out your emotions. By way of a concept known in physics as resonance, being with them assists you in tuning into the wisdom of your body and emotions. They naturally bring to the surface whatever you need to work on. You’ll become aware of body parts, sensations, images, and ideas you didn’t even know where there.

3) Horses Help Remove Mental, Emotional, and Physical Blocks
With your issues raised to the surface, you’re given the opportunity to release old wounds and blocks that keep you from manifesting the loving relationship you deserve. Your body feels the difference. You are given a new image of what is possible that you can then take into your everyday life, improving your ability to connect, communicate, and make decisions that are best for you.


The Package
This 3 session package is specially designed to boost your emotional intelligence skills which will improve your ability to attract your soulmate and create the beautiful love you long for.

- Increase your ability to be aware of your body and emotions
- Handle your emotions effectively without being controlled by them
- Get vital practice communicating your thoughts and feelings successfully
- Discover the blocks that are holding you back and dissolve them
- Get clarity about what needs to be different in your life
- Practice letting go and envisioning your perfect future
- Get personal guidance about what you can specifically do to move forward
- Plus, lots more!

While it’s naturally healing just to be around the horses in this coaching environment, that’s not all you will receive.

You will be given specific, concrete skills and tools you can use even when you are not with the horses that will change your life, helping you to tune into your heart-centered wisdom whenever you choose.

Read on to learn more about what you can expect to experience and learn in each session.

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Session Details

Sessions are offered near Parker, Colorado. A suburb about 20 minutes south of Denver. Each session lasts 1.5 hours.

Your Investment: Summer Special $50 per session.
That's 4.5 hours of coaching for only $150!
What a steal!

Session One
New Skills Introduced: The Body Scan and Body Wisdom Technique

Body Scan- Learn how to tune into your body any time you want so that you always know exactly how you feel in any given moment.
- Gets you out of your head, and the running loop of thoughts and worries, and into your body
- Breaks the cycle of worry, anxiety, and apprehension
- Increases deep breathing, thereby providing relaxation
- Gives you a tool to use in any situation that you previously “reacted.” By slowing down and tuning in, you can make smarter choices.

Body Wisdom Technique- Learn the four step process that allows you to tune into the wisdom of your body.

- You get to understand the exact message you most need to know right now.
- Helps you know how any situation is really affecting you so that you can do the right thing for yourself in the moment.
- Gets you in touch with the wisdom that your body wants you to know about how to let go of what’s bothering you.
- Helps you get better and better at noticing quickly what’s really going on for you so you can make a move, now, rather than let it develop into a bigger crisis.
- Helps you transform any block into a stepping stone to success.

Primary Experiential Coaching Activity:
Reflective Round Pen Session

What to Expect:

During a reflective session, you’ll learn how to use the Body Wisdom technique to tune into the issue that’s most important right now. Once given a message about what you most need, you’ll go into a large pen area with a horse you selected to work with. Allowing whatever wants to happen unfold, you will delve deeper into your issue. By allowing your body to speak to you and working with the horse, you’ll gain insights and begin to dissolve blocks. You’ll debrief your session, integrating what you learned with your life. You’ll be coached to discover how you want to apply your new wisdom to your everyday life.

Session Two
New Skills Introduced: Grounding and Emotional Message Chart

Grounding- Learn another technique to help you stop the grinding wheel of the mind and get back in touch with your true self.

- When feeling centered, you are in your power and will be most effective in the world
- Any situation is more effective when you are grounded
- Gives you a tool to use anytime you feel overwhelmed by emotion
- Helps you feel connected to the power and healing of the earth
- Helps you feel safe and protected from the negative energy of others

Emotional Message Chart- You’ll be introduced to the Emotional Message Chart which will give you a new, more effective way to understand and handle your emotions.
- Learn to properly identify which emotion you are feeling.
- Discover powerful questions you can ask yourself that illuminate the purpose of your emotion.
- Helps you interpret the real meaning of emotions, allowing you to reframe them as a gift to help you move forward.
- Once the purpose is understood, you’ll gain clarity on how to best handle your emotion.

Primary Experiential Coaching Activity:
Active Round Pen Session

What to Expect:

During this session, rather than simply being with the horse, you’ll be actively engaging the horse, asking it to move around. You’ll learn to stand in your power and assert your needs, while at the same time staying connected with another being. You’ll see how you typically handle problems, conflict, and stress in real life so you can chose more effective options. You’ll gain insight into you can maintain healthy boundaries, learning to let others in when it’s appropriate and keeping your space when it’s not truly safe.

During this you will be practicing the skills from last time, internalizing them more and making them yours. You’ll continue to release old blocks. You’ll receive coaching about how to apply what you learned to your life.

Session Three
New Skills Introduced: Letting Go and Visioning

Powering Up:
You’ll experience a powerful visualization that will help you let go of old baggage and embrace your strengths and gifts.

- A powerful ritual that will assist you in releasing what no longer serves you.
- A memorable way to identify and feel your amazing powers and gifts which you can use to move forward successfully.
- A way to access hidden strengths that you had forgotten were once yours
- Increases hope and optimism to reach your goal

Visioning: A creative activity to help you activate the right side of your brain. Getting in touch with the feeling brain, the intuitive brain, will balance out that left side of your brain which is always analyzing and getting us into trouble!

- Helps you practice your body and heart centered wisdom.
- Improves your access to creative solutions.
- Heightens the feeling of positive emotions.
- Assists in cementing your new powers into your mind and body.
- Gives you a symbol to use in reminding you to step into your strengths.

Primary Experiential Coaching Activities:
1. Reflective Grooming

What to Expect:
You’ll practice tuning into the wisdom of your body and hearing it’s messages while standing alongside a horse that you choose. By brushing, stroking, and being together, you’ll form a connection that informs and inspires you.

2. A choice between a Journey Ride or Unmounted Visualization

What to Expect: If you are comfortable sitting on a walking or standing horse, you will be lead in small circle with your eyes closed (if comfortable), where you will be guided through the powerful visualization described above (your baggage and gifts).

You can also choose to do the visualization unmounted, beside the horse. This is powerful as well since you are still in the horse’s energy field.

3. A choice between Horse Painting or Vision Mandela Drawing

What to Expect:

Your visualization will leave you with an inspiring vision for your future. To really highlight your new vision and install it into your heart and mind, we’ll use the creative activity of drawing or painting.

If you choose Horse Painting, you will actually paint your vision on the horse! Together you will create a beautiful moving scene that inspires your journey to love.

If you choose Vision Mandela Drawing, you will use Cray Pas- oil pastel “crayons” to depict your vision in a circle of life.

Either way, by actually creating your vision in a concrete manner, you will be powerfully anchoring it into your future.

Read an article on Relational Healing with Horses here.

Or click here to read more about Participants experiences with the horses.

What are you waiting for? Your soulmate is out there! Now let's go find them! You can have the great love you deserve.
Equine Assisted Dating coaching will show you how.
for more info and a free 20-minute consultation to see which package is right for you!