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2007 E-Newsletter Archive

December 18, 2007: Vision Shift, Part Two: The Power of your Mind

November 29, 2007: Vision Shift to your Soulmate, Part One, Intention

November 2, 2007: Your Success Mindset

October 1, 2007: Desperate dating

August 20, 2007: Breaking up as a gift, Jealousy

July 9, 2007: Signs a guy likes you, Yoga, Change your partner?

June 7, 2007: Pattern Identification, Real Bind, Recreation

May 7, 2007: We Time, Mismatch Libido, Undivided Attention

April 23, 2007: Expose Weak Side, Imagine, Be Selfish!

April 9, 2007: Scarcity, Kiss, Quick Fix

March 27, 2007: Dating SuperGlue, Getting to Yes P3, Real Love Please

February 27, 2007: Speak Up, Getting to Yes P2, Children's Wisdom on Love

February 14, 2007: Dump Your Jerk, Getting to Yes P1, Manly Valentine's Day

January 29, 2007: Intentions, Tease Please, V-day Love Letter

January 9, 2007: Tree of Love, Spicy Positions, Celebrating


2006 Article Archive

February 6, 2006: Poofing, Anticipation, and Gratitude

February 20, 2006: Go Slow, Libido, Blame Game

March 20, 2006: Know Thyself, Stress, Reconnect

April 3, 2006: Juggling, TV, Commitment

April 17, 2006: Juggling 2, Your Needs, Daily Temperature

May 3, 2006: Sex?, Sex-pectations, Attractive Alternatives

May 16, 2006: Winks, Surprise, Bids for Attention

May 29, 2006: Broken Road, Sirens, Horseman

June 12, 2006: Mental Space, Missionary, Defensiveness

June 27, 2006: Loving YOU, Feeling Sexy, Contempt

July 18, 2006: Dating Traps, Body Wonderland, Stonewalling

August 1, 2006: Partner Training, Massage Madness, Soft Startups

August 14: Breaking up, It's in the eyes, Perpetual Problems

August 28, 2006: Suffering Breakups, Ho Hum, Healing Humor

September 11, 2006: Deciding, Desire, It's Easy!

October 2, 2006: Profile Mistakes, Fantasy, Chips and Beer

October 16, 2006: Love or Wound?, After You, Hand Holding

October 30, 2006: Hibernating Habits, Sexy Health, Teamwork Keys

November 11, 2006: Type?, Settle for Average, Definition of Love

November 27, 2006: Gratitude Lesson Book, Relationship Insurance

December 27, 2006: Special Singles Edition: You Don't Have To Be Alone on New Year's!