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Longing to share your life with a loving partner? But keep finding yourself confused, discouraged, and isolated in your attempts to find true love?
Then Soulmate Solution Buddy Coaching is for you!

Why a buddy? Because having a partner will keep you motivated when you feel like giving up, will cheer you up when you get discouraged, will give you an objective eye when you are love blind, and will build your courage to attend more singles events!

Designed for singles who are serious about finding their perfect partner this year- the SS system addresses every major dating roadblock:

- how do I avoid repeating the same mistakes?
- where do I meet new people?
- what should I do once I meet someone who interests me?
- what’s the best way to get the most out of online dating?
- how do I decide who’s right for me and when to move on?
- how do I keep from being discouraged and disappointed?
- how do I find the support I need to stay motivated toward my goal?

How it works:
- You and a buddy enroll in the system together.
- Every other week, you both attend a 30 minute Solution tele-session- which will introduce you to powerful tools and concepts for you to apply in the following week.
- On alternate weeks, you both attend a 60 minute- co-coaching session (1/2 hour devoted to each of you) to work on implementing and fine-tuning the previous weeks concepts/tools. Also address any dating concerns. Because you’ll both be there- you’ll each have a deeper understanding of the other’s issues and goals- making you perfect supports for each other!
- Once a week you will meet with your buddy by phone or in person- to provide support, troubleshoot, and keep each other on a positive track toward finding true love
- Receive once a week email support from the coach
- If desired, you and your buddy attend singles events together to meet potential partners

Program Outline:
Session One- Co-Coaching: Relationship Readiness Inventory (60 min)
You each complete a shortened version of the Relationship Readiness Inventory and in session one, you will receive the feedback. You'll identify the patterns that are keeping you stuck, so we can plan the perfect strategy to find your soulmate. Learn more about the Inventory here.

Session Two- Solutions: Law of Attraction (30 min) You'll learn about how to harness the powerful law of attraction by setting a personal intention, creating magnetic affirmations, and constructing the cornerstone visualization that will help attract your perfect partner. You'll also gain insight into the limitations and negative self-messages that have been holding you back.

Session Three- Co-Coaching: Putting the Law of Attraction to Use For You! (60 min) Go over the intention, affirmation, and visualization you constructed after last session to fine tune the tools that will jump start your successful search!

Session Four-Solutions: Plan of Attack (30 min) Learn the benefits of online dating to help you decide if you want to utilize this tool to maximize your exposure to potential partners. Learn about your online dating options and receive an outline to help you craft an outstanding profile. Discover other online resources, such as singles calendars, to help you select events and activities to meet members of the opposite sex.

Session Five- Co-Coaching: Crafting your Dating Plan (60 min)
Fine tune your online dating profile and craft your event calendar to prepare to meet The One. Learn tips and ideas to maximize your success with both.

Session Six- Solutions: The Revolutionary Success Strategy (30 min) You'll learn a life-altering new perspective - The Broken Road- that will change the way you view dating forever. Plus, start practicing a tool- the Gratitude Lesson book- which will help you implement your new perspective. This session will give you crucial skills to counteract the disappointment that causes many singles to give up their search before they find The One!

Session Seven- Co-Coaching: Troubleshooting (60 min)
Address current dating issues and concerns to keep you on track toward your goal. Complete any work from the previous sessions.

Session Eight- Solutions: Your Dating Guidelines (30 min) You'll learn about a critical model of how to build a relationship safely so that you minimize broken hearts. Plus, learn two crucial rules to live by which will help you know whether each new partner is the one for you. This info will change the way you date forever!

Session Nine- Co-coaching: Putting Your Plan To Work (60 min)
Discuss how you will use the model and rules to create the love you deserve. Continue to address ongoing dating dilemmas and concerns.

Your Investment:

The cost for the program is $230 per person. This is a savings of $100 compared to the similar but individual coaching you'd receive in the Soulmate Success Package - plus you get additional peer support, email support, and someone to attend events with. A bargain that translates into greater success for you both!

Coaching fees may be paid by check or credit card via PayPal online. They are due at the beginning of each coaching block.

Note: Coupling Connection is dedicated to helping everyone who is serious about finding true love. Thus, we sometimes offer reduced fee services to highly motivated clients with lower income. Please inquire if needed.

1. What if I don’t have a friend who wants to join with me?
That’s ok. I’ll work to find you a compatible buddy or you can enroll in the individual program: Soulmate Success

2. Why bother with this buddy system at all?
Because your buddy will play a pivotal role in addressing many of the above stated dating roadblocks. Without the support, encouragement, problem solving, and accountability that your buddy will provide, your level of success will be higher.

Think about it this way. Imagine your goal is to lose weight and get fit. How successful will be you be if you go at it alone? Unless you have will power of steel, you’ll likely fail as many millions of Americans do every year. But, if you are serious about losing weight- you’ll get a personal trainer who will teach you everything you need to know about diet and fitness. Then if you’re really smart, you’ll get an exercise buddy who will help you stay the course when the going gets tough. When you combine the forces of your desire to achieve a goal, with the guidance of an expert, and the support of a peer, you’re chances for success are dramatically higher!!

3. How much time commitment is really involved?
The structure of the program is designed for you to spend one hour every other week on a coaching call and one half hour on alternating weeks on the concept call. Plus, one half hour a week with your buddy. If you want to make the most of the program, you’ll spend additional time on homework, attending singles events, going on dates, etc. Total of seven hours of coaching. And 4.5 hours of peer support. Plus, you'll receive brief email coaching each week.

4. Why are both my partner and I on the personal coaching call?
Here’s where the true beauty of the buddy system comes in. In order to meaningfully support and guide you on your dating journey, your buddy needs to know you almost as well as you know you! By being present during the entire call, you each learn about your own and your partner’s habits and patterns. You’ll use this insight to help your partner make smarter dating decisions.

5. What if I am not comfortable with sharing such personal information with my buddy?
This is why you are encouraged to join the program with a personal friend- someone whom you already know, like, and trust. However, when this isn’t possible, I still encourage you to recognize that you and your new partner are both there for the same purpose – to support each other in finding true love. For people who are just too uncomfortable with this level of sharing, alternative arrangements may be made.

6. What are the weekly emails for?
You are encouraged to email me once a week when you would like feedback on any dating dilemmas or problems, issues, or emotions that come between sessions. This is one way to stay on track.

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